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In today’s litigious society, all professionals are at risk of a professional liability claim. Clients expect favorable outcomes and when these outcomes are not achieved, they look to the professional to “make it right.” Whether you’re a physican, dentist, title agent, real estate agent, or a computer consultant, the professional liability exposures you face on a daily basis is staggering. Not only is the exposure a result from your clients but also from family members, business partners, vendors, and third parties you may not even be aware of. Don’t get caught off guard. Protect yourself with a professional liability insurance policy.


Medical malpractice practice insurance can be difficult to obtain. With a few number of companies writing the coverage, options are sometimes limited. It is important to work with a broker who can not only find good options but can also explain them to you. When it comes to protecting your professional reputation, you want to make sure you are with the proper carrier and broker. Call us and let us assist you.

Title Agents

When the Real Estate Market “crashed” claims against title agents and title agencies “soared.” Title agents are now more exposed to professional liability insurance claims than ever before. Now, the Oil and Gas/Marcellus Shale Boom is bringing even more liability exposure to the title agent market place. If you’re acting as an Independent Contractor, it is no longer a prudent business practice to depend on someone else’s professional liability insurance. Call us to explore your options.

Miscellaneous EO

All professionals are exposed to professional liability claims. Computer consultants, software designers, real estate agents, life coaches and management consultants all have different types of exposures but exposures none the less. Protect your professional reputation, call us for assistance.


Dentists usually have a choice between a claims made policy and an occurrence policy. Make sure you work with a broker who can explain the differences in coverage, and how the policy form responds in a claim situation. Your specific working situation and time in the profession will generally dictate the type of policy form that will benefit you most. Return the information sheet and allow us to get you the appropriate coverage.

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