Can INF get me more than one legal malpractice insurance quote?

There is no need to attempt to work with several brokers (in state, out of state, mail order, or internet driven) when it comes to finding the best option for your lawyers professional liability insurance program. Not only is it confusing, it is also time consuming! Take advantage of our services. INF will impartially provide you with alternatives from competing carriers in the marketplace. We can then assist you in selecting the best coverage and pricing option for your firm. The final decision on who to insure with ALWAYS remains with you.

Is financing available through INF?

Premium Financing is available through a premium finance company. The premium finance company is independently owned and operated and is not managed or owned by INtegrity First Corporation. Usually, the finance company will require a 15%-20% down payment (made payable to INtegrity First Corporation) and have a 9 or 10 month payment plan.

Is having a local agent working on your behalf necessary?

Necessary no, important yes! Having an agent that can visit your home or office to review your particular risk exposures, explain your coverages or help you complete an application for coverage will make your insurance purchase less stressful, more meaningful and ensure that you receive the proper coverage. Communicating the issues and guiding you through the process is usually easier to understand when you're sitting next to your agent. Local agents do not have to be across the street or down the block; they do however, have to be willing to come to your office or home and be part of your evaluation and purchase process.

Am I better off seeking advice from an agent who represents one company or many companies?

Working with an agent who represents only one company obviously limits your choices, however they may have more influence with that single company. That influence may help you through the underwriting process. Working with an agent who represents many companies will be able to provide you with more choices and may be in a better position to tailor the policy to your specific needs. An ideal situation would be to align yourself with an agent who has a strong and committed relationship with one carrier but is able to access other carriers in the event your situation calls for alternative solutions.

What methods of communication can I use to contact INtegrity First?

We at INtegrity First realize that different people are comfortable with different methods of communication. In addition, we know that convenience and access is important when you need to get in touch with us. With this in mind, the following are all ways you can use to contact us:

Are Title Agents in Pennsylvania required to have a surety and fidelity bond?

Yes, Title Agents in Pennsylvania are required to have a surety bond of $100,000 and a fidelity bond of $150,000. A waiver of the fidelity bond is possible if the title agency has no employees. Refer to the Pennsylvania regulation for the specific requirements and how they apply to you. Lawyers in Pennsylvania who are Title Agents must also abide by the regulations.

Are attorneys in Pennsylvania required to have legal malpractice insurance?

No, attorneys practicing in Pennsylvania are not required to be insured with legal malpractice insurance. It is advisable but it is not required. In July 2006, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court approved an amendment to the Rule of Professional Conduct 1.4 which involves certain mandatory disclosure requirements regarding professional liability insurance. Please refer to Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct 1.4(c) for the specific wording and guidance as to how it applies to your specific situation.

To whom should I write my check?

Whether you pay the premium in full or premium finance, your check and down payment check should always be made payable to INtegrity First Corporation.

What is an Agency Agreement and why do I need to sign it?

Our agency agreement is in place for you. It states that we work on your behalf, not the carrier. It outlines any fees or costs that may be associated with that work.

Is there a grace period or extended time to bind coverage and pay the premium past the expiration date of my professional liability insurance coverage.

No. There is no grace period. When the claims made policy expires at 12:01 AM, coverage ceases. In order to insure that no gaps in coverage occur in your insurance history, it is important to make sure that you bind renewal coverage prior to the expiration date of the current policy.