Don Ivol and the INF team have always been very responsive to our request for information and providing guidance regarding the different insurance options that are available. I believe that we have been able to obtain good insurance at excellent rates. At the time of renewal of our insurance policy, when INF saw that our premiums had increased, INF shopped around for better rates. Rather than just passing along the increase to us as the “cost of doing business” INF took the initiative to seek out a better option for us.

John C. Melaragno, Esq.
Melaragno, Placidi, Parini, & Veitch

I have been working with Don Ivol and INF since its inception. There are two particular areas in which Don’s guidance has been invaluable: professional liability coverage and health insurance policies. Since he represents a variety of companies, he has the ability to narrow the malpractice policies for my review, securing quotes and presenting the choices to me in a clear and informative manner. This has resulted in savings and a high level of comfort with our coverage. He also provides on-site training for our Firm which results in credits against our premiums.
We have had various changes in health insurance policies during our years with Don. He scours the available coverage, considering our size and the particular needs of our employees, to get quotes on a wide variety of types. What I like about the process is that I am dealing with one knowledgeable firm without the disruption of contacting a representative of each individual company. This saves my time and therefore leaves me free to practice law.
In addition to the technical knowledge that INF has, there is a high level of responsiveness. INF responds to email or telephone messages promptly. If there is a need for further research on any questions, they follow through and keep me informed of their progress and get the final answer to me. I would highly recommend INF to other businesses.

Mary K. McDonald, Esq.
McCarthy McDonald Schulberg & Joy

Our law firm has benefitted tremendously through our work with INF. We feel that having INF as our Agent specifically placed us with the carriers that meet our specific needs.

INF has contributed to the level of professionalism we provide to each and every one of our clients. We are able to refer any client questions about our firm’s liability insurance to INF and their stellar reputation. This provides a great sense of security in the work of our firm.

Working with INF has been successful for us because of the level of security and transparency we are able to provide to our clients concerning our liability insurance. We are able to refer clients to INF for any questions or concerns they may have. INF provides detailed, down to earth answers to clients in an area where information is usually dense and unrelatable.

Cara C, Davis, Esq.
Law Offices of Cara C. Davis

Dear Mr. Ivol:
This letter is written to express the undersigned’s experience and appreciation as lawyer with you personally and your firm INtegrity First Corporation.
In the year 2014 the Undersigned unfortunately had an unwarranted claim made against an existing lawyer’s professional liability policy issued by another broker.
With premium rates rising, the Undersigned contacted INtegrity First. While appreciating the services rendered by your firm, through obtaining a competitive quote, the Undersigned, largely for continuity reasons, decided to remain with the Undersigned’s existing insurance carrier.
The following year 2017, predicated upon purely defense costs of the existing claim, with no liability paid, the Undersigned’s existing carrier issued a non-renewal letter. Once again, the Undersigned contacted INtegrity First.
Plagued with a non-renewal of insurance and a loss run record consisting solely of defense cost, spearheaded by you personally, INtegrity First addresses the challenge: through expertise, competency, instincts for the profession and knowledge, INtegrity First not only obtained coverage for the Undersigned with a recognized in market carrier, the terms and coverage overall, were better than the previous two years.
Maintaining a private practice in Pennsylvania, the undersigned is required to maintain liability coverage or, alternatively each existing and new client must be advised the lawyer is uninsured.
Recently, the claim against the Undersigned was settled with funds actually paid to the Undersigned. However, regardless of the settlement, the non-renewal of insurance and loss run record, remained a challenge to obtain insurance coverage.
Donald Ivol completed the last dilemma of the unwarranted claim through obtaining professional liability insurance for the Undersigned. Donald Ivol and INtegrity First deserve the highest recommendation and rating conceivable.
Respectfully Submitted,
William J. Perrone, Esquire

William J. Perrone, Esquire